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Hopi Kachina carver brings legends to life

Darance Mak'wesa Chimerica carves Hopi Kachinas from local and regional materials

Whether they have the head of a cow, the feathers of a hummingbird or the rich cotton hair of the snow maiden, Kachina carver Darance Mak’wesa Chimerica said all Kachina have one thing in common: they bring the promise of a good life for the humans they watch over.

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Proposed changes to NEPA aim for more efficient environmental analysis

Under proposed new rules to the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), the U.S. Forest Service is hoping to streamline its environmental analysis procedures in certain circumstances while still following the requirements laid out in the NEPA.

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All welcome: Grand Canyon accessible to those with mobility issues

Grand Canyon is often, and rightly, referred to as an outdoor lover’s paradise — there’s hiking, biking and camping and a host of educational opportunities.

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St. Mary's Food Bank moving to Planes of Fame Air Museum next month

Waiting in the hot mid-morning sun for over an hour, a group of volunteers anxiously waits for a man on a forklift to unload several hundred pounds of food from the back of a truck and place it in a tidy line.

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Tusayan budget in limbo after Home Rule fails

Tusayan Council postpones decisions on FY2020 budget

The impacts of Tusayan voters’ recent decision not to reauthorize the town’s home rule provision, allowing it to set its own budget, are yet to be fully determined.

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Music and dance celebrate the spirits, peoples of Grand Canyon

Honoring the Guardians of Grand Canyon

Listening to “Guardians of the Grand Canyon,” it’s almost impossible to distinguish between the trilling of a flute and the winds that whistle through a side canyon the Havasupai Tribe calls home.

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Flintstone's-themed attraction, Bedrock City, reopens for one last summer hurrah

After changing hands earlier this year, fans of Bedrock City discovered that the attraction would be permanently closed to make way for a new one: Raptor Ranch.

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Lake Mead reveals resting place of B-29 that crashed while testing SunTracker in 1948

Experiment gone awry

Resting in the murky depths of Lake Mead is a piece of American history that saw a change in wartime strategy: a plunge from the height of World War II to a creeping decades-long Cold War with the then-Soviet Union.

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Grand Canyon School principal retires in good spirits

Tom Rowland announces retirement; Matt Yost to take the reigns for 2019-2020 school year

Four years ago, Tom Rowland and his wife, Judy, got a phone call that changed the trajectory of their comfortable, retired lives.

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Grand Canyon School to receive high speed internet

After a long wait, Grand Canyon School will finally be getting high speed internet that students and staff so desperately need.

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